Welcome to the Personal Website of Michael Lissner

Some facts Michael might not tell you about himself immediately:

  • Michael researched and performed all his own maintenance on his 1990 Mustang.
  • He taught himself HTML, CSS, Linux and is working on Java.
  • Though 6'7" tall, he played soccer for 11 years - not basketball.
  • As a freshman, he took a neuroscience class because it sounded "interesting."
  • He has been a certified Wilderness First Responder and an Urban First Responder (both expired).
  • He is an Eagle Scout.
  • Operation and configuration of appliances small and large is a secret skill of his.*
  • He ran for collegiate president while abroad in Spain...he lost (by a small margin).
  • He founded the Bacon Club in 2001. He became a vegetarian in 2004, and hasn't (deliberately) had meat since.
  • He sews his own backpacking gear.
  • For a reasonable price, he can ordain at weddings and funerals (seriously).

*Well, it was a secret.

The old MichaelJayLissner.com is still accessible by clicking here.